Beijing Balboa Weekend


The very first Balboa event in Beijing!
Bobby White & Shani Brown (USA)

June 22-24, 2018

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Bobby teaches vintage swing dances around the world. He has won almost every major title in the modern Balboa scene, including most recently two back-to-back All Balboa Weekend ACBC Championship titles (2015 & 2016), The International Lindy Hop Championships Balboa division (2015), the California Balboa Classic (2016 & 2017), and the National Jitterbug Championships Balboa division (2016). He is the author of the popular swing dance blog Swungover*, and the book “Practice Swing.”  As a dancer, he is widely recognized for his floppy hair, and as a teacher, by his sound effects.

Bobby在世界各地教授最好的摇摆舞。他几乎赢得了现代Balboa舞蹈领域的所有重要头衔,接连获得全Balboa周末ACBC锦标赛冠军(2015年和2016年),国际Lindy冠军赛Balboa部分冠军(2015年),加州Balboa精英赛冠军(2016年和2017年)以及国家Jitterbug 锦标赛Balboa部分冠军(2016年)。他是广受欢迎的摇摆舞博客Swungover *的博主,以及《练习摇摆》一书的作者。作为一名舞者,他因蓬松的头发而出名,作为老师因其独特的声音而闻名。

shani-brownSHANI BROWN

Shani a Balboa and Swing dancer from sunny southern California where the original dances were danced. She is honored to have honed her social dance skills and footwork under the guidance of legendary dancers Willie Desatoff, Hal and Marge Takier, Bart Bartolo, Jack Carey and many others. And although she has competed, placed and won several major competitions, she mainly enjoys social dancing and inspiring others to love balboa and swing.  She is best known for her fast, syncopated Balboa footwork and her soft connection – which has been said to feel like a ‘warm hug’.

Shani是一名Balboa和摇摆舞者,她来自阳光明媚的南加州,也是Balboa的发源地。她很荣幸在传奇舞者Willie Desatoff、Hal & Marge Takier、Bart Bartolo、Jack Carey等大师的指导下练习了她的社交舞蹈技巧和步法。尽管她参加大赛并取得很好的名次,但她主要享受社交舞本身,并鼓励其他人热爱Balboa and Swing。她以其速度,切分式的Balboa舞步和柔软的连接而闻名。 – 据说她的连接感觉像是一个“温暖的拥抱”。





Full weekend pass: 1280 RMB / person = 2560 RMB / couple
(including all activities on the weekend, Friday add-ons not included)
(包含:周六日两天课程, 周六舞会, 周日讲座; 不包含周五的So-Cal Lindy附加课)
You can also choose to sign up for one class at a time, 280 RMB / class = 560 RMB / couple
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6月22日 周五 *附加课程 Friday Add-Ons
19:30-21:30 So-Cal Lindy. 融合20世纪40年代南加州的Lindy技巧来创造新的、有意思的舞步。Using the Southern California Lindy techniques of the 1940s to do new and exciting steps.
21:30 Slow Dance Party. Social dance with slow jazz & blues tunes.

6月23日 周六 SATURDAY
13:00-15:00 Nature of Pure Balboa. 纯巴尔博亚(Pure Balboa)的本质:胸部相贴的优雅舞蹈,称为巴尔博亚(Balboa)。Understanding this elegantly simple close embrace dance.
15:15-17:15 Out&Ins – The Secret to All Your Steps. “通向所有舞步的秘密”。 学会Out&In是跳好Bal-Swing最重要的步骤之一。Exploring this figure and how it is one of the most important steps to dancing Bal-Swing.
17:30-19:30 Twists & Turns. 将转动叠加在一起,创造出漂亮的舞姿。Putting turns together to create beautiful figures.

20:00-21:00 Balboa Trial Class
21:00 Swing it any way you want! Balboa & Lindy Social dance party.
22:00 Balboa Jack&Jill. Your partner is your judge.
23:00 Fast Feet Competition. You CAN do it!

6月24日 周日 SUNDAY
13:00-15:00 Hard but Fun. 
很难但很有意思:从原始巴尔博亚舞蹈家所创造的动作中寻求乐趣,并深挖这些动作。Enjoyable moves and movements from original Balboa greats and how to get the most fun out of them.
15:15-17:15 Slow Balboa. A taste of the several different ways Bal is danced to slow music in the modern era. You don’t have to sit out the slow song anymore!
17:30-18:30 Balboa Talk. 巴尔波亚讲座。Lecture about the rich history of the Southern California dances that went into make Bal-Swing today.


🏠 Cat’s Corner 朝阳区东三环中路25号住总大厦地下二层B206
Zhuzong Building B206. 25# Mid Rd. of East 3rd Ring Road Map